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Teachers across the country are using our Art Integration Math Kits to implement quick, easy, and effective STEAM projects in their classrooms. Our kits deliver the pre-made supplies and EducationCloset-approved curriculum you need to engage and inspire your students. Here's what some of our test classroom teachers had to say about Learn It By Art®.

They achieved success and learned concepts in a positive non-threatening way. They were able to use math vocabulary when discussing the art piece. Cathye P. , First Grade Teacher
Fort Worth, TX
The number one benefit was student engagement. My students were hooked as soon as “scratch paper” was mentioned. I had to take time to let them play with a piece before pre-assessment because they were just bursting with excitement. Angela P. , Kindergarten Teacher
San Bernardino, CA
The active engagement was off the charts! I had no off-task behavior and the students were completely focused as I instructed the lesson. They were at tables and were using math vocabulary and ideas during discussions. The success they achieved made them so proud. Cathye P. , First Grade Teacher
Fort Worth, TX
The students had to stretch their minds to be creative. That is sad, but we just don’t get to do this in school much anymore. As a result of them really thinking about the process, they had a deeper understanding of how numbers can be represented in different ways. Jacque C. , Second Grade Teacher
Stockdale, TX
The hands on component was a big benefit. We’ve been working on addition for a week or so and although computations were a hit or miss, as soon as the art element was introduced, my littles were just so much more better at it with the hands-on element. Angela P. , Kindergarten Teacher
San Bernardino, CA
Very engaging - the students although not all were proficient were very engaged and motivated. This is sometimes a difficult thing when students don't even want to start. I did not have that problem. Not only that they were incorporating many lessons and enjoyed tinkering with and trying to figure out how their model could work. Amee M. , Second Grade Teacher
Freemont, CA