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Makerspace Video and Animation, Fadeless

Item #1001003

Inspire thinking, dialogue, and creating with Crafted for STEAM™ Makerspace Kits. This kit includes provides paper to help students imagine, create, share, and generate lots of new ideas and achieve a deeper understanding of educational and emotional concepts. This kit includes four rolls of 48" x 12' Fadeless® Bulletin Board Art Papers in White, Apple Green, Royal Blue, and Black. Use these backgrounds with augmented reality apps to create videos, claymation, animations, and presentations with a unique background. The large paper rolls also allow for large scale designs like blueprints and negative and positive creations. **Augmented-reality app not included with kit**

  • Use Fadeless® Paper as a "green screen" to create videos and photos with unique and clever backgrounds with augmented reality apps
  • Common uses are animation, claymation, research projects, presentations and more
  • Fadeless® paper rolls work great for large scale designs, such as blueprint designs and negative & positive creations
  • This kit pairs perfectly with other Learn It By Art® Makerspace products.
  • Augmented-reality app not included with kit
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Kit Details Makerspace Video and Animation, Fadeless
Item Number1001003
Brand NameLearn It By Art™
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