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STEAM Education Resources

Learn It By Art® helps teachers inspire better STEM education in their classroom STEAM resources with lesson plans, e-books, videos, and more. We are dedicated to advancing the STEM to STEAM movement by providing high quality materials and art integration kits across many content areas for grade levels from elementary through early middle school. As Learn It By Art's product offerings evolve and grow, so will our dedication to delivering project-based resources for teachers who want to adopt a 21st century approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and math problem solving through art. Please feel free to contact us if your organization or school district has additional STEAM resources to share.

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Watch Learn It By Art's exclusive videos, featuring informative content on STEAM education
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Links to online resources that will enhance your understanding of STEAM, including hands-on lessons and learning
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Art Integration Kits

Learn It By Art® STEAM art integration kits are all-in-one STEAM learning solutions, including all the necessary lesson plans and art materials you'll need for you classroom
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