Susan Riley - EducationCloset
Susan Riley - EducationCloset Founder & Arts Integration Specialist

Learn It By Art® is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for bringing STEAM education into the classroom. That’s why we’ve partnered with EducationCloset founder Susan Riley, the world’s leading expert and advocate for STEAM arts integration, to help us create the curriculum, projects, and materials included in our Art Integration Kits.

Susan Riley is an Arts Integration Specialist, former music educator, graduate instructor, entrepreneur, and mom. She’s dedicated to serving classroom teachers, arts educators, and leaders by providing a space to work together and learn about arts integration and STEAM. Through online lesson plans, teacher development resources, classes, seminars, and conferences, Riley has helped teachers raise awareness about STEAM and educators build their arts integration skills.

Susan has written articles for several online magazines, guest authored posts on various professional blogs and has recently authored two books: “Shake the Sketch: An Arts Integration Workbook” and “No Permission Required: Bringing STEAM to Life in K-12 Schools”.