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Last October, we began collaborating with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to see how Learn it By Art® Math Art Integration Kits would impact both students and teachers. We were lucky enough to work with 56 teachers to provide professional development and a refresh about the benefits of learning through art. Even with the looming teacher strike, the room was filled with very engaged and passionate teachers – all with the goal of doing everything they can to help their students succeed. We are still in awe of the talent within this group!!

Once the teachers completed their hands-on review of the lessons and materials within the kit, they went back to their classrooms and began to teach.

Asking yourself what were the results?

Student Achievement Results
Up to a 24 percentage point increase in the number of proficient students measured through the use of Pacon® Art Integration Kits. That’s a 45% increase!

Learn It By Art® Math Art Integration kits focus on the most difficult concepts students struggle with, which also drag down test scores. When students are able too deeply understand this via learning through art, student outcomes will increase. That’s not the only impact these kits can make.

What are the teachers saying ...

It's a boost to student engagement and reduces student disruptions!

Using arts as a hands-on lesson was extremely engaging for all students, along with the exposure to artists such as Andy Warhol. Students who lose interest in regular math lessons were fully engaged. Amber C., 3rd Grade Teacher, LAUSD
The students were more engaged in a math lesson. They saw it as an art lesson, which is fun, not a math lesson. The first students who made the connection to arrays in math were very excited and the rumor quickly spread through the room. David Z., 3rd Grade Teacher, LAUSD
My students enjoyed the hands-on and creative aspect of the math lesson. Students were able to make meaning of math and see the arrays in real life. Engagement was high! They will remember the artist connection. Stacy H., 3rd Grade Teacher, LAUSD
The art lesson was very enjoyable. The students were learning math without even knowing it. They were able to refer back to the art project as we learned more about place value. I saw their great creativity. Maricela R., 2nd Grade , LAUSD

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