Learn It By Art® and EducationCloset Award Makerspace Grants to Teachers

Learn It By Art® partnered with Susan Riley and EducationCloset to provide three teachers with Makerspace grants. The selected winners each received $1,600 in Pacon products to create their own classroom makerspace areas.

The grant submissions outlined teachers' plans for Makerspace supplies and how it would impact their students' curriculum.

"All teachers and students deserve to have the supplies they need to make learning fun and achieve success," Rita Gibson, Pacon Market Manager for Education, said. "There were so many passionate grant submissions, and we are pleased to congratulate those chosen.

One of the winning grant submissions came from Lauren B. in Massachusetts. She works in a Title I elementary school and has a small budget to dedicate to art supplies. In her submission, she outlines the current state of her classroom, the value of arts, and how she would use Makerspace supplies. Lauren has realized that integrating the arts into the general education curriculum creates lasting connections for her students.

For each new project my students do, I have to beg, borrow, and steal to get the supplies we need, leaving us with lots of brown construction paper and broken crayons for our end of year project. I want this year to be different!

Lauren was able to start using the products before the 2018 school year came to a close. In May she sent us an update, here's a bit of what she had to say:

“So far, we have had 2 ‘Maker Days’ where the students have the opportunity to dabble in the materials that we have,” writes Lauren. "These materials are kept in my classroom due to space regulations, but I willingly share with anyone who needs anything! They loved the opportunity to explore what each material can do and how they can use them in different ways. It will be a great base skill to have when they begin to use them for the project."

I can't say enough how big of a change I see in students when they are engaged in a project. When my students are given the opportunity to create and solve problems, their engagement level is off the charts!
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Maker Day Project

Please be sure to check out various Learn It By Art® Makerspace Series available for purchase through school retailers and distributors. These kits provide tons of creative materials to use in support of a “learning by doing” approach, and enable students to imagine, create, and share lots of new ideas.

Each of the three Makerspace grant winners received $1,600 in Pacon products for their classroom.

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