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Four Ways Arts Integration Helps Students Achieve More

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Achieve more when you learn it by art.

Arts Integration sparks creativity, inspires achievement, and creates more success within our students. Most critical, Arts Integration within schools has shown to result in a much deeper understanding of educational and emotional concepts. Integrating the arts into STEM curriculum establishes a hands-on creative learning environment where students can engage with the content on multiple levels.

Studies have shown Arts Integration helps students gain by...

  1. Increasing their standardized test scores up to 15%*
  2. Strengthening their problem solving and critical thinking skills
  3. Increasing their attendance rate by at least 5% or more*
  4. Reducing their classroom disruptions by 20% or more*

The core skills developed within STEM/STEAM education, such as communication, critical thinking, and reasoning, will further boost talent within advancing industries, and deliver valuable success and confidence to students. By 2039, 4.5 million new STEM/STEAM enabled careers (such as engineering, science, digital specialization, and teaching) will be created globally.**

With the ever increasing global and economic competitive landscape, it is critical we provide our students with the skills to succeed in the 21st Century.

*Appel, 2006; Barry, 2010; Bellisario & Donovan, 2012

**Bersin, Deloitte Consulting, 2017

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