Learn It By Art® Partners With Susan Riley and EducationCloset

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Before Learn It By Art® launched, all we knew was that we wanted to provide affordable STEAM solutions to help teachers teach, to give them time back in their day, and to address the challenges they face day in and day out. We weren’t sure exactly what that was going to look like, but we knew that the STEAM experts at EducationCloset could help us develop the right tools to help teachers and students succeed in the classroom.

EducationCloset Founder Susan Riley

EducationCloset has a team of arts integration specialists dedicated to breaking the barriers and helping all teachers and leaders leverage the power that the arts can offer. With the help of founder and CEO Susan Riley, we were able to develop robust Art Integration Kits and curricula to kickstart the Learn It By Art brand.

You will find TONS of amazing resources on EducationCloset.com, like free lesson and unit downloads, videos, and more. They even offer online arts integration and STEAM conferences with eminent keynote speakers.

Below are some of our favorite EducationCloset articles but be sure to hop over to their site and check out all they offer.

Research and Advocacy

STEAM and Arts Integration Resources

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