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Get Classroom Inspiration With Free STEAM Lesson Plans!

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A step in our Mixed Pattern Weaving project lesson plan.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education is a more effective way to teach STEM subjects to students. If you’re looking for some teaching inspiration, look no further than our Lesson Plans page to find new hands-on STEAM activities you can use with your students. Each learning plan outlines the recommended grade level, STEM education content areas, learning objectives, and applicable core standards.

Some of our favorites include Mini Pizza Party, Mondrian Fractions, Mixed Pattern Weaving and Inspired Landscapes, all which help reinforce math concepts for kindergarten through early middle school. Each lesson tells you exactly what materials you’ll need to conduct these art-based STEAM projects in your classroom and how to best structure the activities.

You’ll find these projects will both inspire your students and boost test scores. Art and science have traditionally been separated, but research shows that teaching science, technology, engineering and math concepts through art-based learning will improve your students’ understanding and problem solving abilities. John Maeda, the president of the Rhode Island School of Design and the leader for the school’s STEM to STEAM initiative, writes, “Artists and scientists tend to approach problems with a similar open-mindedness and inquisitiveness — they both do not fear the unknown, preferring leaps to incremental steps. They make natural partners” in this essay for Scientific American.

In our own classroom studies, we’ve seen that students who are taught with our STEAM classroom lesson plans and Learn It By Art Art® Integration Kits show improvements of more than 30 percent, with one school in Vermont seeing a nearly 50 percent increase in K-2 student math proficiency. For more detail, go to our “Why STEAM?” page.

We partner with educators like EducationCloset’s Susan Riley to develop new lesson plans throughout the year and are often adding fresh ideas to our site. If you’re looking for more STEAM lesson plans or project ideas, you can also go to online resources like PBS Learning, Sadlier School and Edutopia.

If you have ideas, suggestions or requests regarding our lesson plans and resources, please contact us today. We want to hear from you and engage with the STEAM education community. Also, please subscribe to our email newsletter to make sure you stay up to date on all the latest blogs, lessons and STEAM education news.

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