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Learn It By Art® Art Integration Math Kits are curriculum-enriching, STEAM-based, Art-Integration solutions that help K-5 students learn, retain and apply the most difficult foundational math concepts.

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Incredible Results

In the 2018-2019 school year, Los Angeles Title I schools saw a 24 percentage point gain in the number of students who scored proficient after using the Learn It By Art Math Art Integration Kits that target specific Math skills.

These gains occurred in the most challenging math Domains and against the most difficult core standards for grades K thru 5. For example, our Kindergarten Math Kit addresses Operations & Algebraic Thinking (K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.3 and K.OA.A.4) and Counting & Cardinality (K.CC.B.5 and K.CC.C.6


Each kit contains three lessons, with complete lesson Plans aligned to national standards. Kits align to the most difficult domains for each grade (K-5) and specific core standards within those domains.

Each kit includes content-rich Teacher Guides. These Guides include curriculum maps, instructional content, and pre and post assessments.

The kits can be used as a pre-lesson primer, part of the actual lesson or as a lesson booster before standardized tests.

Equitable Access

Supports Cognitively Guided Instruction — a student-centered approach to teaching math with the goal of uncovering and expanding every student’s mathematical understanding.

Includes differentiation tips for Special Needs Students, English Language Learners and Higher-Level Students.

Includes more-than-enough, pre-prepped materials for three distinct lessons for a classroom of 30 students and comes with online tutorials and support.

Classroom Teachers Love it!

The students were more engaged in a math lesson. They saw it as an art lesson, which is always fun for them, and not a math lesson. The first students who made the connection to arrays in math were very excited and the rumor quickly spread throughout the room. The students enjoyed it very much. David Z. , Third Grade Teacher
Los Angeles, California
Students were able to use another engaging avenue and strategy to score benchmark or mastery in place value. My intensive and strategic students were also able to display their artistic skills. Karen R. , Second Grade Teacher
Los Angeles, California
I love that the kit was all-inclusive. I had step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide me. I am also grateful for the extension lessons. Also, with 13 of my 22 students being English Language Learners, the vocabulary and pictures were a tremendous help to them. Sabrina L. , First Grade Teacher
Fullerton, California
The children really enjoyed the hands on and creative aspect of the math lesson. It was a way for my students to really make meaning of math and see the arrays in real life. Stacy H. , Third Grade Teacher
Los Angeles, California

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